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Different departments and facilities of the zoo

Vakil Abad Zoo, Mashhad
Techniques for long-term preservation of animal carcasses for display

(Animal Museum) Taxidermy animals

In Vakil Abad Mashhad Zoo, there is an attractive section called Taxidermy Museum Hall. In this museum, various species of animals have been taxidermied and exposed to the public. A taxidermy salon is attractive to children and can even be educational. Taxidermy animals are usually of the same species that live in Vakil Abad Zoo. After death, these animals were taxidermied by specialized methods and placed in glass containers

Viewing animals

All kinds of reptiles and aquatic animals

Reptile garden of Mashhad zoo

The reptile garden is a part of the zoo where animals such as snakes, lizards, lizards, chameleons and other reptile species are kept. In the reptile garden, there are 5 species of reptiles and 10 species of aquatic animals, and apart from live animal species, the bodies and skeletons of some dried reptiles are also displayed.

Facilities of Mashhad Zoo

Vakil Abad Mashhad Zoo, which is known as Mashhad Zoo, is one of the popular and old tourist places of Razavi Khorasan Province. This zoo, which is currently located in the northern border of Mashhad city, was built 60 years ago and has been located in its current location, Vakil Abad area, for about 40 years.

Mashhad Zoo, which has an area of ​​4 hectares, keeps more than 800 animals of 125 different species, some of which are collected from different countries. Among these animals, we can mention the African lion, kangaroo, African leopard, Bengal tiger, tygon, llama camel, barbarian sheep, chimpanzee, etc. This zoo also has a rich collection of native Iranian animals and wildlife. There is also a section for reptiles in the Mashhad garden, where animals such as crocodiles and all kinds of snakes live. Mashhad Zoo also has a section for taxidermied animals.