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lion (king of the jungle)

It is a species of carnivorous mammal from the cat family. With a large body that sometimes reaches 250 kg among males, this powerful animal is the second largest member of its genus after the tiger.

Lions do not have a specific social structure and live in an equal and unclassified society. They go hunting in groups, and hunting is mostly on the shoulders of female lions. Although male lions do not hunt, they are responsible for protecting the group and its territory. But male lions can also hunt for themselves. Also, the success rate of both sexes is almost equal. The lion's territory can cover up to 260 square kilometers.
big cat

Taiguns (Babshir)

The most interesting species of animals in this zoo are "tygons", which are the result of the union of a tiger and a lion. Tygons were first seen in America 15 years ago, and there is an example of this animal in Mashhad Zoo.

Do you know what Bashir is?

It is a feline that is born from the mating of a male tiger and a female lion. Behind slightly white ears, a body with the middle color of a lion and a tiger, and a face with spots like a father, are the characteristics of this big cat. Rushing to the prey from the back, which is a characteristic of the tiger, is a legacy that Beshir received from his father. The roar of Bashir is the same as the roar of a tiger.